turlingdrome said: Top three books/music/movies?

Now THAT’S a question!
Hmmm.. Books: Tithe by Holly Black. Amazing book about a girl who finds out she’s a pixie changeling and that she’s the hinge between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts’ power struggle. I mean, literally amazing.
Feast of Love by Charles Baxter. Beautiful novel about a bunch of different people, with changing points of view throughout the chapters, and how love, loss, pain, and happiness weaves all their lives together. So worth the read.
And the entirety of the Harry Potter series. I don’t even need to explain.
Honorable mentions: Anything by Douglas Adams (I see by your pic that you would appreciate that), anything else by Holly Black and Brian Keene, and The Giver and its sequels by Lois Lowry.
Music: This is a loaded question. My favorites are Coheed and Cambria (Prog rock about a comic book written by the lead singer? Yes please!), Mumford and Sons, Jimmy Eat World.. I can really go on. I love guitar and piano driven rock, folk rock, celtic and video game arrangements, and anything with honest, emotional lyrics that I can relate to. For instance: I fucking hate Ke$ha. :)
Movies: Easy. Willow, The Crow, and a tie between The Neverending Story/The Dark Crystal/Labyrinth. All of them are beautiful movies. The Crow especially.
Thank you for an awesome question!